Established in Singapore, EOMM is a trove of all things curious. From design objects to everyday wearables, we source for well-designed, enduring and quality products from Asia and beyond - all with a thoroughly modern sensibility in mind.

In 2017 EOMM conceptualised the annual Jalan Besar Salon popup, which seeks to provide a platform for learning and communication. The Salon serves to act as a catalyst for the hotbeds of creativity and progressive ideas in the fields of urban management, psychology, intimacy and socio-environmental topics through the means of art, design and philosophy. Against the decline of face-to-face human contact in our digital age, our workshops, programmes and exhibitions aim to provide a platform for people to come together and hone their tastes through passionate conversation and the exchange of ideas.

In this second edition of the brand’s developmental programmes for collaborators and the everyday person, The Salon first becomes a site for the exploration of the environment, green living and consciousness leading up to exhibitions, talks and a series of workshops with our collaborators. The Jalan Besar Salon was envisioned to provide participants an introduction to conscious living, and the space to engage and explore directly with the communities and specialists.

Visit https://www.jalanbesarsalon.space/ for more updates. 


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